JD Women's College in Patna bans burqa inside classroom

Speaking to Hindustan Times,'' Veena Amrit,'' proctor of JD Women's College stated,'We have a uniform to get your faculty and the pupils are after the prescribed dress code mentioned at the prospectus.  We've prohibited burqa just within the class room to keep up the uniformity.  That is completed in order to make certain that each scholar is at an identical uniform'

 The note has been issued with the proctor of this faculty.

'It's isn't conceivable to recognize whether your lady is donning exactly the faculty uniform underneath the burqa.  Thus, we've requested them to stay glued into this faculty uniform that's said from the faculty prospectus,''' she included.

More over, an excellent of Rs 250 was levied for anyone that don't comply with exactly the code and Rs 500 for people that are seen applying mobile phone within the campus.

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