Ghaziabad suicide case: Prime suspect Rakesh Verma arrested from Mohan Nagar

Subsequent to the episode came into light, a few reports said that Sanjana had been Vasudev's next spouse.  But, afterwards it had been said that she simply utilized to stick together with all the household.  On Wednesday, Sanjana's brother Feroz instructed that the authorities she had wed Gulshan that a year-and-a-half past and was residing together with your household.  Her title was Gulshan however she afterwards shifted it into Sanjana.  Neither her famlily nor even Vasudev's family members knows her union.  Sanjana belonged into some Muslim household.

Verma's title has been cited from the suicide notice.  He's a comparative of their household.  Right after the original evaluation, law enforcement had guessed that his participation from the grisly episode.  On Tuesday, his place was followed in Kolkata.
In accordance with the authorities, the reason why behind committing suicide would be national discord and monetary catastrophe.  The person was known as Gulshan Vasudev, 4 5.  His wife's name was Parveen along with one different female who was simply coping using them had been diagnosed as Sanjana, who was employed like a director of the underwear mill in Gandhi Nagar.
New Delhi: In a big development from the Ghaziabad spouse and children passing instance, the town authorities on Wednesday detained the primary defendant Rakesh Verma in Mohan Nagar.  His loved ones needed given the authorities with crucial information regarding him afterwards these were shot in to custody to get enquiry after a incident.
On Tuesday afternoon, 5 members of some family group - a couple of, both kids and the other lady - had been discovered lifeless in Vaibhav Khand section of Ghaziabad's Indirapuram.  They perpetrated suicide by leaping out of the floor in these flat.  Following the trio jumped into departure, the bunch occupying their kids a girl and a boy - and then stabbed at while these certainly were sleeping in , the authorities mentioned.  An furry bunny was likewise strangled.
 The postmortem of those family unit members will be done through Wednesday afternoon.
Although the spouse expired in the area, one different female was injured and admitted into another healthcare facility.  But she listened to her own injuries.

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